Hi! I'm Morgan, and I get my inspiration from all over the world.

My Photography Journey

I have owned a camera for as long as I can remember (my first one was taken from Dad). For birthdays I would beg for rolls of film or money to develop prints. My sisters were forced into being my first models because "I am the oldest and I say so." Let's just say I was a child with an old soul hobby, photographing people, and when I realized my hobby could be a career- WATCH OUT WORLD!
I immersed myself into storytelling images that spanned the pages of every travel magazine, fashion photo and newspaper. I wanted to live in this world of photos and stories. Breaking into that world of vivid images and foreign places was the hard part. My solution: I started modeling internationally. By the time high school graduation came around, I was signed with international modeling agencies and spent school breaks working in Paris, Milan, New York, Miami, Tokyo and Sydney. At this time I learned what it took to be in front of the camera along with more technical studio skills. I deferred my first semester of college and continued to model. I created a photography classroom out in the world.
Finally enrolling at the University of Montana, I applied and received 1 of 24 spots in the Photojournalism Program. Photojournalism is more than pushing a camera button. It's a way of viewing the world, seeing the details and summing up a story with one shot. Photojournalists are the ultimate storytellers without saying a single word. I completed my Journalism Degree in three years and moved to Chattanooga, TN.
This is where I met my future husband, David. After four years of dating, we were married surrounded by friends and family in Memphis. Up to this point, I had never contemplated being a wedding photographer. Fashion and travel were my interests. However, looking for our own wedding photographer, I was disappointed with the selection available, how many hobbyists were trying to make a little extra money on the side and the fussy pricing and fine print to tread through. Instead of hiring someone I was not 100% happy about, I flew a former photojournalism classmate/ friend into town because she was someone I trusted and I knew what I wanted. Storytelling.

After David and I experienced what it was like to be the couple and hire a photographer, I felt the need to make ​my services, my education, and my talents available to other brides that might be feeling the same way. After a year-long honeymoon traveling the world together (camera in hand along with way too much photo gear), Three Magpies was born. Traveling to different cultures gave me more field experience with personalities and environments than anything else up to that point. To take pretty pictures is one thing. To understand a person and tell their story is another.

I can do both.

So why the name Three Magpies?

The Three Magpies at Christmas.

Three Magpies playing dress up.

We are my mother's MAGpies (Morgan, Allie, Grace). She has called our collective group by this name since we were babies.

Three sisters that would rather flock together than be separated, chatty, and lovers of shiny things.

Three Magpies is for my girls.

Ready to check your date?

A quick phone call or message is all it takes. Tell me what you have in store for the big day (or any special occasion). I love hearing all of the creative and amazing ideas that you have!

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