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newborn nursery photo shoot

To "carry on a namesake" can mean many different things.  I'm named after both of my grandmothers, and carrying on a family name is a nice tradition I think I'll honor too.  It could be that you resemble or act like a past family member.  It could also be carrying on the last name through male lineage, and in Alfred's case, carrying on an entire name belonging to four other people that came before him.  Meet Alfred the 5th.

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Fall maternity photo session in cotton

About a year ago my sister told me that she was expecting a little one!  I couldn't believe it and was so happy for her to become a mother, something she has always wanted.  And I knew it was going to be a boy.... (Allie, I still think you're going to have all boys and have a rough & tumble house).

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Fall Memphis wedding at Annesdale Mansion

NEVER have I worked so closely with a couple before... so close that I know all your kids, come over and sit at your kitchen table to talk after work, and have your credit card to book vendors on your behalf.  Russ and Paula were a super busy couple but also super in love and trying to plan the most dreamy, perfect, funky, Memphis wedding they could think up.  But they needed help getting organized.

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