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family sunset session in Tennessee

The McCaskill's: Private Farm

These cuties are my "family crush," no doubt!!  I don't know what it is about the McCaskill's but they are some of the luckiest people I know when it comes to photo sessions...  Y'all I couldn't dream up this sunset, this light, and these smiles.

I feel like they are the king, queen, and prince of Best Case Scenario when I'm planning these kind of shoots.  Lauren and I talked about what feeling we were going for: summer sunset, warm, lovey, happy, being together, and focused on Mason at 9 months old and his little personality.  

McCaskill Family 0770

We met near Somerville, TN at Dustin's parents' home.  They have a gigantic backyard and Lauren told me if anywhere was going to have a pretty sunset, it would be at this house!  We did a few little setups and group shots, drank a beer (thanks Dustin's Dad), and waited for the perfect light.  We were up against the bedtime clock too with Mason, but he was so good toughing it out and playing with me in the grass.  We just kicked back and waited for the show to start.

McCaskill Family 0864

And when it finally did start..... 

McCaskill Family 0884

McCaskill Family 0895

I just couldn't believe it!  The colors were so saturated, barely a cloud in the sky, and every angle was perfect.  Sunsets are tricky in photographs (if you've ever tried to take a picture on your phone you know).  Sometimes the sky is great but the people are shadows.  Then the people are great, and you can't get the true sky colors.  And sunsets don't stop and wait for you to figure out camera settings.  When it's over, it's over.  I'm SO happy that we were prepared and able to use that fleeting time wisely.  

Lighting makes a HUGE difference on the mood of a photo.  It's just as important if not more important than what you're wearing or what location.  You can have the best background location in the world but if you have flat light or harsh sun, game over.  And it's always a plus when the little ones can stick it out too, smiles and all.

McCaskill Family 1016


McCaskill Family-0953
McCaskill Family-0786
McCaskill Family-0963
McCaskill Family-0770
McCaskill Family-0805
McCaskill Family-0965
McCaskill Family-0864
McCaskill Family-0990
McCaskill Family-0847
McCaskill Family-0852
McCaskill Family-0895
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McCaskill Family-0837
McCaskill Family-0884
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